After reading this guide, you will know:

- How to change the title on GMB?

- How to optimize the title on GMB using Surfer Local?

- How to save changes?

1 - How to change the title on GMB?

  • Go to Google main page.

  • Log in to Your account.

  • Follow steps 1 and 2.

If you manage a single business, you will be taken immediately to the main view of your business profile.

If you manage two or more GMB profiles, select the one where you want to make changes.

  • In the GMB profile dashboard, press Info, which will take you to a view where you can change company information.

  • Click on to Business title section

2 - How to optimize the title on GMB with Surfer Local?

This is nothing more than the name that displays at the top of your business profile in Google My Business. At this point, you should know 3 key things:

  • Name is a very strong ranking factor

  • Keyword stuffing can cause your business profile to be suspended

  • It is imperative that you include your brand in this section

How does Surfer Local help you out here?

Title length analysis

Surfer Local will tell you how long your title should be so that it is not short, but also too long compared to your competitors. If there is something wrong with your title, you will get a comment here.

Prominent terms analysis

You will also get a complete list of words sorted by ranking influence. You should include them in your title in addition to your brand (just don't exceed the appropriate title length). Remember to include only those words that match your business.

Creating Optimal Title for GMB Profile

Additionally, below the suggested words you can create your title. Then, check if the freshly written one is of optimal length and contains all the necessary words that fit your business. If you already have a ready-made title, copy it and replace it in your business profile in the Google My Business panel.

Now you probably want to ask, why am I making you add keywords when I wrote above that we can get suspended for doing so?

Remember, Surfer Local will never tell you to add keywords if:

  • your competitors aren't using them

  • they aren't affecting rankings

  • competitors have been blocked by them

Smart, right?

3 - How to save changes?

  • Set the business title ass suggested by Surfer Local. Apply the changes

  • compare

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