After reading this guide, you will know:

- How to add images and videos?

- How to optimize the number of images?
- Special: How to add a 360° photo to your GMB profile?

1 - How to add images and videos on GMB?

  • After signing in to your Google My Business profile, go to the photos section

  • In this section, you will see different categories to which you can add photos or videos. Select one of them and click on add photos or add videos

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  • Select photos or videos from your computer once uploaded, press Select

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2 - How to optimize the number of images with Surfer Local?

With this analysis, you get ready-made information on how much more images you should add to your Google business profile. This way, you achieve the optimal number in relation to your competitors.

Don't have enough photos? Take a few and add them to your company profile.

  • Sample guidelines in Surfer Local:

3 - Special

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