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— Why Business protection is important?

— How it is working in Surfer Local?

— How to enable it?

1—Why Business protection is important?

It is important to know that Google gives the opportunity to the Local Guides community to edit and change details regarding every location that is marked on the map including the Google business profile of our user. Thanks to that Google Maps details are very accurate because can be updated by a wide range of people.

The downside to this is that dishonest competitor can make some changes to your profile or even shoot it down completely - and that will have a devastating impact on your GBP visibility.

2 - How Business Editing Protection is working in Surfer Local?

We will protect your business profile on Google from negative actions by competitors.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can enable special protection for your business profiles on Google in Surfer Local, which will prevent negative actions by your competitors that could cause your business cards' position and visibility on Google to drop.

From now on, no one will be able to:

- Shut down your business,

- Change your business category,

- Change the title,

- Remove the phone number and opening hours

- plus much more!

3 - How to enable it?

This service is fully automated and will only require form you to connect your google business profile with Surfer Local and turn the switch on.

(Coming soon)

You will have a notification with information on how many attempts to change your details Surfer Local stopped.

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